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Through thoughtful analysis of a site, locale or community, our team partners with our clients in blending the complex relationships between the natural environment, building design and construction, vehicular access and pedestrian experiences to create solutions for the implementation of sustainable growth and a broader vision of land development.



Because the process is critical in transitioning from an initial project vision, our team engages with our clients in establishing both the quantitative and qualitative design goals which represent the actual spatial requirements in coordination with the aesthetic or emotional impact architecture can generate. Once complete, this phase of consulting becomes the framework upon which all ensuing design work is based.

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Renovating or adding additions can seem like a dauntingly complex challenge. The maze of regulations/procedures can make it all seem very complicated, stressful and overwhelming. Whether you have a detailed idea of the final outcome or you need with the complete design WEA has the unique talent of being able to bring your vision to life.

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Because it is essential that our clients understand the financial relationships resulting from decisions made during the Programming and Design phases of a project, our team analyzes material quantity / assembly take-offs and applies current cost data to derive reliable budgets for funding purposes. As construction cost is only one facet of a development estimate, our team often provides a Total Project Budget Projection which takes into account additional values for Owner Due Diligence, Permitting Fees, Professional Service Fees, Testing Fees and FF&E, thereby affording a global view of all expenditures.

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Bringing together the vision established in Master Planning, Programming and Cost Estimating, new construction demands our team leads clients through all phases of the project delivery process utilizing a comprehensive effort of design exploration. Employing various visualization and communication tools during Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration, our team evaluates multiple concepts, develops a design solution in partnership with our clients, leads engineering and other design consultants through the drawing process, evaluates and monitors construction costs and serves – first and foremost – the owner’s interests through an engaged participation in the construction process.

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As the visual impact of a spaces is often equal in importance to the goals established for its use, our team confers with our clients to consider an aesthetic vision and its relationship to their brand or purpose. Through the selection of sustainable and maintainable materials, colors, surface textures, furnishings and lighting, interior design provides finish to basic architectural elements, addresses the need for human scale and better defines how spaces are to be utilized by occupants.

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